Suggestion of topics for final papers

Here you can find various topics that could be elaborated in the context of a research or final paper. 

- Studying in the 1960s: The artistic studies at the Academy for Music an Performing Arts Graz 
- From the Academy to the University: University policy structures in the course of time
- Orchestra, chamber music, choir: Conductors at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz 
- The orchestra of the college and its development from the beginnings to the present
- Between theory and practise: The history of the scholarly institutes of the university 
- Competitions at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz: Origins, profile, development 
- Music education at the university: Concepts of teaching and learning since the 1950s
- Women in the arts and academics
- Space for the art. The University of Music and Perfoming Arts Graz as reflected in its play venues.
- Composers at the university. Life and work.
- Ensembles and orchestra through the ages

The employees of the archive can help you with a detailed consultation about source situation, available literature and reasonable limitation of the topic in the respective context (bachelor, master, dissertation).