20 years University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

In the year 1998 became the then Hochschule a University. 2018 has this step to equality of art and academics its 20th anniversary. In honour of this occasion the archive created a virtual exhibition, which shines a light on the last 20 years of this institution. But developments of predecessor institutions are called to mind too, that are even noticeable today.

Via the following link you can get to the exhibition: http://www.ausstellung-kug.at/20-jahre-kunstuniversitaet/

This step was celebrated on the 30th of September 1998 at the so called “Abschied in die Universität”

To avoid a mere chronological depiction, the exhibition is split into seven subject areas that thus make seven differentiated perspectives on cultural,  social or even institutional changes of the University of Music and Performing Arts over the years possible. Therefore, the subject areas are structured as follows:

- The Institution and its changes over the time
- The history of the buildings
- Women and equality
- The University of Music and Performing Arts as event organiser
- Students and the history of the ÖH
- Internationality and the focus on Southeast Europe
- Contemporary witnesses report

Even though the focus of this exhibition lays on the development of the University of Music and Performing Arts in the last 20 years, occurrences that date back even further are also depicted in the respective subject areas. Therefore, years such as 1968 or 1938 are also focal points. These and other 8th years serve as waypoints and framework of the exhibition.