To preserve it permanently, which must not be forgotten

The archive can be characterised as an historical retention of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. It resides the task of archiving the entire archive material, which originated from the University and its predecessor institutions according to the federal archive law.

The archive of the University currently possesses about over 1000 running meters of archive material starting from the year 1821 till 2019.
A large section of the historical material is stored in over 2000 archive boxes, from which about 2000 are kept at depot located in the basement.
1000 archive boxes are additionally stored in the so called "Zwischenarchiv". It contains records, which are provided for internal, administrative purposes. 736 boxes with student files and 264 personnel files. 

For the creation of a historical tradition, relevant documents of all facilities of the University of Music and Performing Arts in written, visual, auditory and digital form are preserved in the long run for scholarly research and teaching. Collections of the archive itself (documentation of newspapers, audio-visual collection and collections of decedent's estate) complement the administrative, artistic and academic transmission. The focus lies on the documentation of the history of the University together with the accomplishments of the teachers, students and graduates in art and academics. 

The service offer of the archive focuses on the members of the University and the general public. On request of the administration the archive provides records and counsels in questions regarding management of the documents and in dealing with digital data. It provides information about the history of the institution and its connected individuals and advises and supports users at their scholarly propositions.

In the field of scholarly research and teaching the archive partakes in projects, which are of significance for the historical depiction of the University of Music and Performing Arts, and conducts independent researches of institutional, academic and intellectual history. Activities in the area of public relations e.g. the creation of exhibitions and publications with the archive material, as well as cooperation with other archives on an national and international level supports the ongoing visibility of the accomplishments of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.